Obesity problem among children

Currently, we can observe a growing number of overweight, or even obese, children. One third of the American children weights too much. Being plump in your childhood brings higher risk of obesity, and thus many unwanted ailments, in adulthood. Heart diseases, diabetes, depression or other emotional problems are the illnesses on which we are working throughout years.

The roots of the problem

Children with obesity caused by health problems, like wrong hormones levels, constitute a small group. The most common reasons are: genetic predisposition, wrong eating habits and too little activity. Usually, it is a mixture of all of them. A child whose parents prefer fast food and watching TV than home-made healthy meals and sports, will probably share their patterns which are likely to become the part of his or her lifestyle in adulthood.

These days, children tend to spend lots of time watching TV and then, sit in front of the computer and play games. Lack of sport in their lives causes many health problems with obesity ahead. Parents have to look closer at their daily lives and organize it in such a way that sport and healthy meals become their habit.


If you still are not convinced that there is anything wrong in being a plump and cute child, look at the list of the consequences of weighting too much:

  • Early heart diseases
  • Diabetes
  • High cholesterol and blood pressure
  • Problems with bones and skin (acne, fungal infections, heat rush)
  • Low self-esteem, emotional problems

Not to mention the fact that the patterns are going to be continued by the next generations which is not very optimistic. An unhealthy organism brings much bigger risk for weaker offspring with many allergies and more prone to many diseases.

Is my child overweight?

So as to find out whether your child has problems with weight, you need to check his/her BMI – body mass index- and compare it with the standards at the certain age. Visit your child’s doctor and consult any doubts you have.

You can help

If it turns out that your child is overweight, it is high time you came with help. First of all, you must be supportive and show acceptance for your child whatever he/she is like. Talk and explain any concerns.

The best way to achieve success is to engage the whole family in the general change of lifestyle. It will do good to all of the family members. It is not a surprise that children copy their parents in their behavior, therefore, give a good example first.

Change for the whole family

Changing your lifestyle can be a bit hard, especially in the beginning. That is why, doing it together with the other family members will help achieve the goal.

Walking or biking alone is terribly boring, but walking or biking in a group seems much better! The same with food – imagine that you eat vegetables while the rest of your family has your favourite pizza for dinner. You will probably give up and eat with them. Spend more time together in the fresh air, being physically active and show your children that it can be a great fun!

But in this whole process try to be sensitive to your child’s needs. Think about the future and take care of your child’s good habits now.