Help your children eat healthier

Before you think “ – It is impossible, there is so much tasty junk food available that my children will not want to eat healthy foods instead…” read what benefits of eating better you all may receive. You should be aware of the fact that unhealthy diet is not only the matter of possible obesity and some illnesses in the future. Actually, it strongly influences your children’s behavior here and now and also builds their characters. Are you getting more interested?

Teach to choose the healthy options

Healthy food must be appealing to make your children willing to eat it. First of all, the example comes from the top. You must show your children the good model. How can you make your children avoid smoking while you smoke a packet of cigarettes a day? Show that healthy diet is important for you and explain why.

Take the children shopping and use this opportunity to teach them the healthy diet’s rules. Instead of buying junk snacks, serve their healthy substitutes. Then, you should try cooking homemade meals. It may seem too time-consuming, but if you organize it properly it is not. Remember that readymade food is full of additives, sugar and other unnecessary fillers. Never force your children to eat or bribe them with food – these are very common mistakes, buy really harmful.

Healthy breakfast is a must

Since breakfast is our first meal, it provides nutrition for our start. Brain must receive the proper fuel to function efficiently. How can children work well at school if their bodies have not received the right fuel? Think of your car – no fuel, no ride. Children who eat nutritious breakfasts have much better school performance, memory and are more emotionally stable.

Sugar means trouble

Do you want to have a hyperactive, moody and unhappy child? Give him or her more sugar. The problem is that we can find some sugar added in almost every product, including bread or frozen meals. Try to make your own sweet treats, but avoid being obsessed with prohibiting sugar. It may cause the wrong effect like cravings and overindulgence.

What about fat?

Healthy fats are very important for the growing organisms of our children. Definitely you must avoid the very harmful trans fats. Look for healthy monounsaturated (olive oil, nuts, seeds), polyunsaturated (fish, flaxseed, walnuts) and healthy saturated fats (butter).

There is more to it than eating

Regular family meals, homemade of course, are a great opportunity to teach children the right eating habits. You have the chance to provide a good role model and to talk to your children without a TV, computer or smartphone’s companion.
In terms of eating out together, try to stick to the healthy rules. Choose healthy sides, avoid fries and double-size portions. Surely, eating some fast food once in a while will not kill you, but be sensible.

No, no and no once again

Picky eaters – they can really cool down your enthusiasm. But there are some ways of dealing with this type of a child – in fact, it is a normal stage of development so no need to worry, it will go.

  • Present the new food even 8-10 times. Do not give up after the first failure.
  • Make it more appealing – cutting in some funny shapes can help.
  • Engage a child in preparations.
  • Serve the new proposition with the food your child likes.
  • Do not give snacks between meals and serve the new food when your child is hungry.

To sum it all up, teach your children to choose well. It is a huge investment.