Hi! I’m Toe. I’m a big fun of the healthy diet! Do you know that healthy food makes you feel better and gives you more energy to discover the world? I used to eat a lot of unhealthy products and I was putting on weight, I couldn’t concentrate and had no energy to learn or play. I realized that when I was eating too much sweets and fast food my body couldn’t work well so I decided that I’d be eating only things which nourish my body. Now I have lots of energy! I’ll be happy to help you learn the rules of the healthy diet. We will beat obesity and digestive problems together!


“Head, shoulder, knees and toes…” Oh, hello! My name is Hui. As you can see I’m a sports fan. Physical activity is my biggest hobby and I can’t live without doing some exercise. Why? Just because sport makes me feel happy! Besides, it strengthens my body, I’m fit and obesity and any diseases of my circulatory system keep away from me! Remember: a sound mind in a sound body! Don’t hesitate, join my team!


Hi, I’m Are. Like Hui, I love sport! I’m not really sure which activity is my favourite…football, jogging, ballet, basketball…I think that it would be ALL OF THEM! If you are a beginner, don’t get discouraged by the first difficulties. Beginnings are usually difficult. Just think of sport as a way of having fun, it will soon become your habit. Thanks to the endorphins, you may not even notice the moment in which you become a sports-freak like me!


Hello! My name is Om. Why don’t we learn together how to change our habits for the healthy ones? And at the same time, how to survive the changes? We’ll talk about many important things like education, ecology and having fun with healthy habits. We’ll take care of your beautiful smile, good life balance and general wellness. So many adventures ahead…I can’t help waiting!